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About Us

Truly Nolen International is one of the fastest growing companies in the Pest Control industry. It was founded in 1989, and currently present in 66 countries.
Truly Nolen International is a world reference in pest control. Its high-tech methods and well trained employees will provide much benefit to the society by raising living standards and reducing damage related to pest control.
The highly visible fleet of Truly Nolen cars,trucks and rolling billboards are marketing stars.


Truly Nolen International's goal is to be present in every country in the world, servicing customers with the same quality standards established by Truly Nolen.
This goal is being achieved through franchisees that are driven entrepreneurs. This successful combination has been the force behind our success.
Truly Nolen International continually updates and evaluates the quality control standards in order to provide an excellent service.


Smarter pest control thinking started in 1938 when Truly Wheatfield Nolen decided that instead of poisoning rats, he would safely seal buildings to keep the rascals out. The vision expanded globally when in 1987 Truly Nolen Argentina was founded and further developed by Truly Nolen International. Now operating in 66 countries the Truly Nolen Vision is really global.

The Board

Truly D Nolen - Owner
Truly David Nolen is the second generation and actual owner of Truly Nolen. His unique leadership style and ideas developed the corporation since 1955 in Arizona.

Scott Nolen - President at Truly Nolen International & CEO at Truly Nolen of America
Scott Nolen, third generation and President of Truly Nolen is an advocate in the environmental approach to pest control. Scott has been instrumental in developing new innovative methods by using natural baits and dusts in pest control. His commitment to Research and Development allows for more effective and safer treatment.

José Lutz - CEO at Truly Nolen International
José Lutz, Truly Nolen Argentina founder and current CEO at Truly Nolen International, established in the United States to develop Truly Nolen International. José is the main sponsor of the Truly Nolen brand around the world. His leadership and commitment is reflected in the close relationship he maintains with each member of the Truly Nolen family around the world.

Enviromental Responsability

Truly Nolen International is committed to provide pest control service in the most environmentally friendly manner. All service protocols are designed to have the smallest negative impact on the environment.